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Mediation and arbitration materials for attorneys working with Retired District Judge Campbell Cox in East TX

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Our conference room seats 10. It has Zoom teleconferencing, white board, and other amenities provided, located in Nacogdoches, TX.

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Conference room for attorneys and clients of ADR mediation or arbitration, main office in Nacogdoches, TX in deep east Texas.

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My Mediation Philosophy

Like litigation, mediation is best handled in a professional and orderly manner. That is how I conduct myself, and expect the same of others.  Twenty years of judicial experience has often required me to facilitate communication not only between opposing counsel, but also between attorneys and their clients.  I enjoy doing this, and believe that such experience will help with mediation.  I want to get to know the parties as much as practical, and see how important the case is to them.  I will do this by asking them questions.  Every side in a case has procedural and evidentiary hurdles.  My preference is to bring the attorney out of the breakout room and talk with them separately about those hurdles.

Following up after an unsuccessful mediation is crucial.  If a mediation does not result in an agreed settlement, I will contact the attorneys a couple of weeks later to see if another day or half day of mediation would be helpful.

Family Law: I prefer not to handle family law, but will consider it on rare occasions.

Food Provided

Lunch is provided by Judge Cox at mediation or arbitration ADR anywhere in East Texas, Tyler, Lufkin, Longview, Beaumont, TX


Local Coffee with your mediator or arbitrator Judge Cox in East Texas, Beaumont, Tyler, Longview, Port Arthur, Nacogdoches TX


Snacks provided at your local ADR mediation or arbitration in East Texas, Tyler, Nacogdoches, Lufkin, Longview, Beaumont, TX